Xmas greetings 2015 for Marevivo Italia, the idea was to represent the concept of biodiversity. 
Marevivo Italia is an italian association in defense of the Sea and the Marine wild life. Working together with WWF, Greenpeace and LAV, Marevivo got several important results for the Sea and the Environment respect.
concept generation, art direction, illustration: Giulia Maria Valli
Xmas greetings 2014 for Marevivo Italia. A starfish become a Xmas comet. 
concept generation, art direction, illustration : Giulia Maria Valli
visual for #boycottbarilla a protest that went around social media after that chairman of Barilla (italian pasta brand) made comment against gay people.
I represented the face of Hitler made by pasta, on a blue background like barilla design, "just pure grain"
concept generation, art direction, copywriting : Giulia Maria Valli

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