I am an art director with strong creative thinking skills; I also have a background in graphic design which makes me a well packaged creative designer.
I have several years' experience in creating advertising campaigns, visual identity, and impactful visuals for brands, corporate and not-for-profit organisations.
I am able to build awareness around a brand or a cause but also to act as a guardian and educator on the firm’s identity and guidelines. 
What I love about my job is finding the best visual strategy possible: I have a creative mind and soul and I am not satisfied until I come up with a unique idea that stands out through strong conceptual and strategic thinking.
I am passionate about photography, photo retouch, and illustration, on which I have attended several courses over the years; I, therefore, have the right knowledge and expertise to find the most suitable collaborators since I am a great believer in the power of collaboration.

Just give me a brief and I will capture your audience!

You are welcome to get in touch:

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