Visual for the social media campaign "You can make a difference", with the aim to reach in particular the local target based in Hackney. "You can make a difference" supporting RSBC in helping blind kids and their families.
RSBC supports parents to develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to help guide their child through sight loss. I am a freelance graphic designer for The Royal Society for Blind Children (RSBC,, creating for them, the brand guidelines restyling and visuals for their social media networks, flyers, posters and motion graphics, appropriate for their organisation and their public.
I created for them design for print and digital marketing material, visual for their social media channels and I had the pleasure to be responsible for the restyling of the existing brand guidelines. I've been even photographer for some events and shooting for their testimonials.
Volunteer now campaign addresses to elderly people in the area with the invite to come to help and spend time together instead stay home alone.
restyling, the existing brand guidelines, adding new rules for the online usage of the brand and enhance the visual identity communication.
Social media ad for the London Marathon
Case For Support Brochure
Capricorn is a curtain manufacturer company and decides to donate a part of the income to RSBC. With this card, the company wanted to show its gratitude to the shoppers.
gadgets and merchandising

Invitation for The Christmas Party at RSBC, poster and flyer.

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