Feeling, trying, perceiving everyday stimuli in real life. The “Feel” project comes to life by analyzing the “feeling” effect on the individual. Just like an expression, a gesture, a look represent what is happening on the outside, the unconscious is visually displayed for each subject, from a landscape.
The project examines the interaction between emotions, colors and backgrounds. Feelings are represented by the landscapes that suit to atmosphere and colors.
In every landscape there is a street, with a central view, that "invites" to enter, in the unconscious of the characters. The Doubt is a forest, but this time tones of the green f green veer towards the cooler colors. The Disquietude is a landscape almost nightly, with a predominant cold blue color. The Happiness is a forest again, but with summer light and warm, bright green, this time. 
a big thank u to my models: Giorgia, Sandro and my friend and amazing artist Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa.
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