Feeling and experiencing the stimuli of our daily life. The project “Feel” comes to life by analyzing how “feeling” affects the individual. Just like an expression, a gesture, a look portray what is happening on the outside, the subconscious of each subject is visually displayed through a landscape.
The project explores the interaction between emotions, colors and backgrounds. Feelings are represented by a landscape that matches the atmosphere and colors.

Every landscape comes with a central view of a street that 'invites' us to enter the subconscious of the characters.
'Doubt' is a forest where the greens veer towards colder tones in order to portray the unsettling nature of Doubt. 
'Disquietude' is a landscape captured when dusk is about to turn into night and the predominant color is a cold blue.
'Happiness' is a water stream surrounded by the bright greens of luxuriant vegetation on a Summer day. 

a big thank u to my models: Giorgia, Sandro and my friend and amazing artist Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa.
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