Concept: Giulia Maria Valli
Art Direction: Giulia Maria Valli
Copywriting: Abby Beckley
As human beings, we have a propensity to be selfish. Let's call it part of our survival instinct. With this campaign, we have a two-pronged approach. First, I aim to leverage this selfish instinct by encouraging consumers to find benefits for themselves by reducing their food waste. Then I also intend it to be provocative because it is shining a light on the issue of people associating food with love in ways that can become unhealthy. There are consumers who overbuy and over-consume and these types of behaviours can be symptoms of underlying issues. By directing the audience to recognise that food is not a substitute for love, they can learn to be less wasteful in their food shopping and to take more care of themselves and the planet.

Creative strategy
The visuals depict symbolic objects made from food that represent emotional needs:

1. Birthday gift - the need of friends and companionship
2. Engagement ring - the desire to be in a committed relationship
3. Bouquet of flowers - the need for love or romance
Campaign activities:
- Contest: To run on Tik Tok and Instagram “Love Your Leftovers
The target audience is invited to make creative recipes using only leftover food and the winner will be chosen in an episode of Master Chef.

- Partnership with food brands and supermarkets: “Love the small things”, by creating smaller portions in sustainable packaging to accommodate the needs of single people we can help to reduce food waste. Because everything is about LOVE.
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