Marevivo Onlus is a well-known Italian not-for-profit organisation protecting Sea and marine wildlife. 
and is committed to taking action each time there is a crime against the Sea (
I spent almost 4 years working for Marevivo Onlus and I loved it. I was the sole art director and I focused on creating advertising campaigns. Moreover, due to my graphic design background, I was also in charge of visual identity development, providing guidance for external collaborators. 
The cause is amazing and it feels rewarded just to work for it, for this reason, I was even 
an activist for them.
to show the results after a year of activities in the protection of the environment, to show to the members how important is supporting the association. 
Marevivo Onlus presentation brochure
Instagram video for the World Water day
Visuals for the Facebook profile for Christmas 2014 and 2015.
I used a sea star as comet and a Christmas decoration made by fish, 
that symbolise the biodiversity.
Poster for a conference in Lipari (Sicily)
Poster for a conference with the Italian Marine Army.
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