Marevivo Onlus is an Italian association in defence of Sea and the marine wildlife for which I had the role of art director and I was responsible for the creation of all visuals and design materials. During this period I learned how to manage different kind of projects and different kind of public in collaboration with WWF , Greenpeace and others charities for the environment, and also with the Italian Institutions, so I know how important is to deliver a perfect design,  for the success of an activity.


role: graphic designer and art director (2012 - 2015)

main activities: the creation of informative materials, visual for their activities and events, social media design, advertising campaign, flyers, posters, reports, infographics, animations, illustrations, photography works and photo retouch works.
As an in-house graphic designer, I had the opportunity to work closely with all the departments, collaborators, suppliers, freelancers and anyone involved in their activities. I was a designer but also an activist for Marevivo Onlus, and I am still an activist. That's allowed me to know their communication and their projects very well, and to be an important element in the team. 
Official fundraising campaign “Sea isn’t made just by the water, so far”. 
To sensibilize the public on how climate change affects the sea.
To represent the disappearance of the Marine Wildlife, I created a visual with just one little fish in the middle of a big ocean, to give the sensation of emtyness. 
Social media campaign, ad for Facebook and Instagram
Video for Instagram from the campaign
Instagram video for the World Water day
Advertising campaign for Marevivo Onlus, 
"before the sea disappears help us to save it"
Flash mob at Trevi Fountain in Rome in collaboration with LAV, Italian organisation for the protection of animals. I was the art director and I decided to use dolphin-shaped balloons to represent a pod of dolphins in a super tourist location in Rome, like Trevi Fountain.
The action drew attention from the public and the media, online, newspaper and tv news.
Campaign created for the international demonstration against the Finning, the same day all the national and international organisations in the protection of the Environment and the animals took part in the demonstration, 
like Greenpeace and WWF.
Shark finning is the act of removing fins from sharks and discarding the rest of the shark back into the ocean. The idea for the visual was to use a common picture of a shark fin on the horizon, but under the sea, there is just blood, because someone cut the fin and murdered the shark. 
From a peaceful image to a dramatic scenario at a glance. 
T-shirt for the demonstration, the texture is made from sharks fins and blood.
Marevivo Onlus presentation brochure
Marevivo Award Certificate

Membership card for the 30th anniversary of Marevivo.

“The Wave”, the main design element for Marevivo visual identity
Infographic to show the results after a year of activities to defend the environment, to show to the members how important is to support the association. The visual represents the underwater world.
Visual for the national campaign "don't throw cigarettes on the beaches", in collaboration with JTI, Japan Tobacco International. Posters and flyers were on several beaches of the italian coast.
Visuals for the Facebook page for Christmas 2014 and 2015.
I used a sea star as comet and a Christmas decoration made by fish, 
that symbolise the biodiversity.

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