“Ocean Melody Olen Cesari & friends for Marevivo in concert” was a concert organised by Marevivo Onlus for fundraising, at Auditorium Music Park Rome, which is the main concert halls complex in Rome.
Create a visual for the event that represents the beauty of the ocean.
The photo used for the visual is Roberto Rinaldi's work, a famous Italian photographer 
specialized in underwater photography.
The choice has been made because in the image there is a group of fish that swim creating a circle,
 that represents the “O” of “Ocean Melody.” The image creates also a very strong association between the dance and the music that is the protagonist of the show. 
A 3d animation of the visual was created as the background for the concert.
The location was lit up with a blue light to create an underwater scenario. 
700 people took part in the concert and the communication went on both print and digital channels.
The concert was directed by Jan Michelini, 3D animations by Istituto Rossellini, music by Olen Cesari & The Clandestine Orchestra. The visual for the branding is a digital reworking of a Roberto Rinaldi's picture.
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