Speculative work for the Spotify wrapped 2023.
Representing the personal users' compilation of the most often listened songs, over the past year, like the Circles of Hell from Dante's Divine Comedy, with references, Botticelli and Pieter Huys illustrations. The Hell is populated by rockstars, ironically referring to the concept that rock brings you straight to hell, but the truth is that music makes you feel alive and bold. Moreover, the comparison between Hell and our tastes in music and favorite songs makes you feel cool and rebel.
The Hell is turned in green like Spotify and the circles refer to the logo design. 
Headline: Unwrapped  - because the personal compilations are revealed and all the users's favorite songs are like a crowd that creates the Spotify world. 
Song: Tool - Schism
Dante's Divine Comedy
Pieter Huys
The Runaways’ song “Dead End Justice

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